A few words about the business...

The motto "smart code, for humans" is intentionally not the other way around.

We humans are together in this world made by our Maker. Whatever your human verb - building, growing, moving, serving, communicating - chances are that computing power is nearby.

Why not put it to work serving?

The obvious answer is because it is a complicated tool. Even email doesn't always work the way you expect. Once you step outside the small boundaries of the familiar, the cost can quickly become prohibitive... and your human verb is suddenly "stopped."

To put action back into your verb, let me take on the burden of transforming complicated into useful.

At White Horse Software, the useful combination of knowing two languages - "human" and "computer" - is put to work. It must be admitted that the arrangement is a bit of a one-way street: the humans get to set the goals, while the computers are forced to fall into line and behave themselves. But if you are hesitant about the lack of egalitarianism, I invite you to sample a resulting product. The demo page is a great place to do just that.

White Horse Software is a for-gain sole proprietorship. If "for-gain" sounds eerily similar to "for-profit," that's because profit is an excellent framework for loving my neighbor and having both of us gain something in the end. So I don't shy away from money, profit, and the like - although things like greed and selfishness are abhorred. Occasionally solutions are developed that don't involve the monetary kind of neighborly love, but take another form. For example, I have contributed to projects without monetary compensation - I don't say "freely" - driven by the same goal of loving my neighbor. In all this, the framework of love is undergirded by thankfullness and obedience to the Giver.

Humans Supported

You may be interested in the technologies supported. But starting there would be getting things backward: this is code for humans.

The following list is not comprehensive, but hopefully it will give you a flavor of what I and my products are like to work with.



Team Interfacing

Technologies Supported

The list here is not comprehensive, but meant to convey broad experience and an ability to pick up on new technologies pretty quickly.

If you're looking for a solution that involves a tool that's not listed here, talk with me. There's a good chance we can make it work.

Database Stuff

Desktop Programming

Web Programming

Cloud and Microservice

Other Web

Hardware Programming

Miscellaneous Tools

Tools Programmers Often Use

Where to find me online

I'm found occasionally on Stack Overflow, rarely contributing to GitHub, and sometimes in some forums.